Welcome to the Morris Ring Archive Homepage.

Last updated 9th November 2001

The Morris Ring Archive represents the largest collection of morris/sword related material available to researchers anywhere in the world.
The Archive is divided into a number of sections each of which is organised by a particular Archivist.
The Ring Archivist is Chris Metherell, Tel +44 0191 284 2438
The Keeper of the Animal Archive is Phil Underwood , Tel +44 01276 855 963
The Keeper of the Mumming Archive is Ron Shuttleworth, Tel +44 01203 676 721.
The Keeper of the Photographic Archive is Duncan Broomhead +44 01625 827 988 .
In addition the Editor of the Morris Dancer David Thompson , is also involved with the Archive group and material for 'The Morris Dancer' can be sent to, David on Tel +44 01332 770 578,
More recent material can also be found with the Ring Scrapbook Keeper & Recorder, Keith Francis, Tel +44 01531 276 5

At present plans are afoot to make the catalogue/index to the main Archive available over the WWW. This is a long term project, and we do not expect to make the service available for some months to come yet.

The Archive Web Site contains bibliographic information covering sources which refer to morris and sword dance and related topics and also seeks to provide transcripts of sources which are not readily available.  The latter cover both published works and manuscript material.  A cross section of information is currently available and new material is added on a regular basis.  

Information is split into four sections for ease of location:

Published References - new material added 9th September 2000.
Collectors Pages - currently links to the Archive's Cecil Sharp Page - more to come soon.
Specific Tradition Information - new material added 9th September 2000.
Morris Ring Records -new material added February 2001 - Log Books now online!

New this month  -

Online Ring Logbooks - First Section of Vol 3 now available.

To request copies of items, contact the Ring Archivist Chris Metherell. A copy of the Access/Charging Protocol is available to provide the pricing structure for copies.