The Virtual Oratory

The Virtual Oratory needs to be prepared before each celebration.

Morning Prayer
At the appropriate time people need to have signed in to the Room and have the text of the Office open on their phone.

When all are ready the Officiant begins with the opening Versicle to which everyone returns the Response. The Leader speaks the Antiphon to the Invitatory then the Leader and Even Choir say the first verse taking care to listen to the rest of the participants and being careful to be aware the there are in actual fact two parts to the verse.

The second verse is spoken by the even choir and this goes on until the Glory Be that is split into two parts the second part said by the other choir As it was---. Everyone repeats the Antiphon

After a short period of silence the Leader starts of the Hymn with everybody joining in.

After a period of silence.

The Officiant starts the Antiphon before the first Psalm and everyone responds in the manner described above. There are three elements here usually two portion of a psalm or palms and sometimes a canticle A short period of silence is observed between each. The Reader reads the scripture without any reference to where it is taken from.

Then follows the Responsory and then the Prayers and Intercessions Our Father and Closing Prayer.

Mid-Day Prayer

This office has a slightly different form the Invitatory Psalm is omitted. The Antiphon comes only at the beginning of the sections of psalms and is repeated after the final portion. There is a short portion of scripture Closing Prayer and Blessing.

Evening Prayer is recited in the same manner as Morning Prayer but without the Invitatory.

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